"Wendy is sensitive, kind and very professional.  She was attentive and paid attention to the details of our sessions.  That attention to detail allowed her to remain focused on what needs I wanted to address without drawing out the time.  Wendy was conscientious about my time and respectful of it as well." - KS


Shelene, ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching Program:

How would you describe Wendy's coaching style?

~ "Wendy's coaching style is relaxed and supportive, collaborative and pragmatic."


What did Wendy do that worked particularly well for you?

~ "Wendy did a great job of acknowledging my progress and keeping me accountable to my goals."


What did you learn (personally or professionally) from being coached from Wendy?

~ "Wendy has a very supportive coaching style and was particularly good at acknowledging successes while continuing to keep me focused on my overall goals."

Saratoga Hospital Health Coaching Study

~”Wendy is calm, gentle, non-judgmental and very effective at helping someone find what obstacles are getting in the way and how to move past them.” Mary C.

~”At first I hoped it was like counseling, however, it ended up better because Wendy guided me and helped me to think for myself.” Suzanne F.