Movement, exercise, rest

“Our bodies were designed to move, and we know that exercise is required for optimal health.  It is also required to maintain optimal metabolism and to manage weight for the long run.  However, it’s easy to become sedentary with all of the conveniences of modern life.  We may not carve out and protect time for exercise or movement, and we may not even be checking in with our bodies to notice how they want and need to move.  We also need rest—deep rest during sleep, and mental rest even when awake.  Do you lead an active life?  How much do you move your body?  Do you consciously include physical activities in your daily life?  Do you engage in planned aerobic exercise regularly?  Do you include strength training in your exercise?  Do you allow yourself downtime to rest?  Do you give yourself plenty of time to unwind before bed?  How refreshing is your sleep?”  Duke Integrative Medicine


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