What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness or mindful awareness is a natural capacity that allows a person to be more “present” in the moment, less focused on the past and the future.  Practice helps us to be more responsive and less reactive in any given situation.  It is a thoughtful, intentional response, a friendly attitude of observation instead of an automatic, habitual reaction.  Although it is developed through a practice of meditation, the hope is that it can be useful in daily encounters whether we are eating, driving, working.

What does the practice of mindfulness have to do with Integrative Health Coaching?

Integrative health coaching looks at all the areas of your life (see the Wheel of Health) that are having an effect on your health.  Habits allow us to accomplish tasks with less energy, efficiently and yet sometimes those habits are not supporting our vision of our healthiest self.  Change begins with awareness and mindfulness helps us to be aware so that we make conscious choices in our behavior.


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