Research about neuroplasticity shows that new “grooves” can be formed in your brain with sufficient repetition.  There is value in setting an intention to create a new habit and having support during that time to solidify the change.  I like to meet with clients bi-weekly for a three month period.  The first session would be an hour and the next six sessions would be a half hour.  At the end of that time period we can discuss what would work best for you.

7 sessions at $35/session   Total: $245 payable in cash or by check prior to beginning


There are two location options for meetings:

1)  A Peaceful Place Massage and Wellness Center (Blue on map)

     1404-A Route 9

     Clifton Park NY12065

2)  RejuvenEssence (Purple on map)

      7 Wells Street, Suite 104

      Saratoga Springs NY 12866



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